About Ceiling Fans
  Ceiling Fans for Year Round Comfort
Ceiling fans add beauty and interest to any space and are available in a variety of styles and colors. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and more they create a more comfortable atmosphere, air circulation and assistye in temperature control. Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch that turns the fan into a ar round temperature assistance product. By helping to pull down and slowly distribute warm air in the winter and creating cool breezes in the summer, ceiling fans are a great source of energy-efficient climate control throughout the year.

Ceiling fans come in multiple sizes:
medium fans
for rooms about
225 square feet
  large fans
for rooms about
500 square feet.

Some ceiling fans include a light kit for additional lighting. Other models do not include the light kit, however many fans allow for light kits that are made specifically to be added onto the model. Ceiling Fan controls are also available in wall models and hand held remote control models for even easier temperature control. Again, some models come complete with the controls others are available for purchase. Be sure to check in the details and dimensions on the product page for this information. Use our ceiling fan buying guide to help find the right fan for you.

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