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About Wall Sconces
With a decorative wall sconces or torchiers, lightingcan transform a functional room or hallway into a cozy retreat or dramatic passageway.
Wall Sconces
Bathroom Lighting offers shadow-free lighting for shaving, grooming, and applying makeup in your, powder room, spa, or dressing area. In small bathrooms, mirrored lights will illuminate the entire room; but in larger areas, an additional ceiling fixture is often needed for general bathroom lighting.
Wall Lighting
Bathroom Lights, whether casual, contemporary, eclectic, modern, transitional, or simply traditional, the bathroom and powder room wall lighting fixtures by Sea Gull Lighting are the perfect way to achieve your desired fashion or functional needs. We offer styles and finishes that compliment the most popular faucet styles, making the selection even easier in incandescent or energy saving fluorescent bathroom lights.
As one of the most recognized names in Bathroom lights, Sea Gull Lighting is proud to feature hundreds of wall and bathroom lighting styles making us the selection of Home Builders, Architects, and Interior Designers today. Sea Gull Lighting’s vanity fixtures, bent glass, bar lights, Hollywood strip lights, wall sconces, wall torchiers, and swing arm lamps will enhance the beauty of any bathe area.
Vanity Fixtures by Sea Gull Lighting have a large selection of plated and hand painted finishes such as polished brass wall and bath lights, antique silver wall and bath lights, variety of other finishes.
Wall Lighting Fixtures
Sea Gull Lighting also features many bathroom lighting fixtures and wall sconces that “ADA Compliant”. This standard, sometimes local building code, meets the requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act for wall mounted fixtures. Specifically, these products will not extend more than 4” off of the wall’s surface.
Purchasing Wall Lighting in Your Area
Your authorized Sea Gull Lighting distributor, retailer, or sales representative can assist you with selecting the perfect wall lighting fixture to reflect your style, application, and budget. We also offer online shopping so you may purchase any of our wall lighting directly online from our participating local lighting stores.