Recessed Lighting Types
Incandescent Recessed Lighting Fluorescent Recessed Lighting Low Voltage Recessed Lighting ENERGY STAR Recessed Lighting
Fire Barrier Recessed Lighting Recessed Lighting Trims LED Recessed Lighting  

About Recessed Lights
The look of Recessed lighting and energy efficient lighting has evolved into decorative fixtures, sconces and outdoor Recessed lighting that reduce operating costs.
Recessed Lighting
Recessed Lighting by Sea Gull Lighting are designed for a wide range of ceiling conditions and light sources. The proper housing (also know as high-hats or cans) and reflector trims should be used for your project. New Construction or Renovation is the first determination to be made when selecting recessed lights. Install new construction housings in a new home or addition where the ceiling is open for electrical work, or where the ceiling is being replaced and there is access from above. For existing ceilings, use the remodel housing that installs easily from below a finished ceiling.
Recessed Lights
With recessed lights any housing or recessed fixture that is in direct contact with thermal insulation must carry an IC (Insulated Ceiling) rating. This makes IC the choice for the ceiling on the top floor of the home, which is typically blanketed with thermal insulation. Where insulation is used in other areas, IC kits should be used as well. Non-IC rated housings can be used away from insulation, in the first floor, basement, and most commercial applications.
Custom Recessed Lighting
Recessed light by Sea Gull Lighting are available in incandescent, halogen and energy saving compact fluorescent light sources that are ENERGY STAR® qualified. Also, we proudly recommend miniature recessed low voltage products from the Ambiance® Lighting Systems product lines to achieve specialized Recessed lighting effects.
Recessed Lighting Kits
With easy to install features, Sea Gull Lighting recessed lights have integral captive nails, romex connectors, and several other desired features like sturdy hanger bars that make these products among the most desired by professional contractors, electricians, and the do it yourself homeowner.

As one of the most recognized names in lighting, Sea Gull Lighting is proud to feature hundreds of recessed lighting housing and trim styles making us the selection of Electrical Contractors, Home Builders, Architects, and Interior Designers today. Sea Gull Lighting’s recessed light fixtures are available in a variety of sizes for indoor and outdoor use, including sloped ceiling applications.

Select custom recessed lighting or recessed light kits in a white baffle finishes, black baffle finishes, clear alzak finishes, gold alzak finishes, eyeballs, shower lights, wall washers, polished brass finishes, and specialty finishes like cobalt blue, etched glass, and more.

Your authorized Sea Gull Lighting distributor, retailer, or sales representative can assist you with selecting the perfect recessed lighting and trims to reflect your style, application, and budget. We also offer online shopping so you may purchase any of our products online directly from our participating local lighting stores.