So, why select ENERGY STAR®: lighting?  Each of us has a responsibility to protect our environment. We have the power, too. Just by purchasing something as simple as an ENERGY STAR® qualified light fixture by Sea Gull Lighting, businesses, organizations and consumers can play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our environment for future generations.

If all consumers, businesses, and organizations in the United States made their product choices and building improvement decisions with ENERGY STAR® over the next decade, the national annual energy bill would be reduced by about $200 billion. With that would come a sizable contribution to reducing air pollution and protecting the earth's climate for future generations. With ENERGY STAR®, money isn't all you're saving.

The generation and use of energy is the single largest contributor to air pollution, and has also been linked to climate change. The majority of energy we use comes from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Every time we turn on the lights, grab a drink from the refrigerator or run our dishwasher, for example, somewhere there's a power plant working to make this possible. By choosing products that are energy-efficient and by using energy wisely, we can decrease the amount of unnecessary pollution that is released into our atmosphere and inhaled by our children and ourselves.

In the home, if everyone chose energy-efficient appliances and products with the ENERGY STAR® label, over the next 10 years we would cut the nation's utility bills by up to $100 billion and make major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

ENERGY STAR® and Sea Gull Lighting Products, Inc., are also working with the home building industry to build more efficient, comfortable new homes, which can save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year in utility bills. ENERGY STAR® qualified homes not only save money, but also reduce air pollution.

Businesses can take action that's voluntary, profitable, and non-controversial to help protect the environment and their bottom-line. According to Jerry Lawson, Director, ENERGY STAR® for Small Business, Money talks, and here's what the smart money is saying. Voluntary energy efficiency helps prevent climate change emissions, and can cut the average firm's annual energy costs by about 39 cents a square foot. Relatively simple improvements in lighting, heating, cooling, insulation, office equipment, etc. pay for themselves with energy savings and, in the bargain, you get improved comfort, quality, productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Increasing sales is one way to increase profits; cutting out wasteful costs is another.

Choose Energy Efficient Lighting by Sea Gull Lighting, For you, for the Environment, For the Future!