LED Lighting

The Future of Lighting…

A Truly New Light Source

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) behave like no other light source and promise to revolutionize our illuminated world with superior energy efficiency, extremely long life, and durability.


At Sea Gull Lighting we understand LED
technology and are taking advantage of
its unique attributes.

Maximizing Usable Light

LEDs naturally are a directional light source. Sea Gull Lighting LED fixtures take advantage of that directionality to deliver the maximum light on the task, while still providing ambiance to the room.

Integrated Approach

Sea Gull Lighting engineers are taking an integrated design approach from initial concept to final design that includes the fixture, housing, shade, driver, heat sink, and LED array to make sure all components work together to deliver superior performance, efficiency and maximum usable light.

Designed to Perform

Unlike other light sources, LEDs are very sensitive to heat. The fixtures need to be thermally managed to keep the LED from overheating which can significantly reduce lumens (light output) and life. Sea Gull Lighting fixtures have proper heat sinking to make certain the LEDs deliver the light and life you expect.


When the product says
“Powered by JuiceWorks™,”
it’s one powerful statement.

Many of Sea Gull Lighting’s LED products are the result of a joint venture called JuiceWorks, formed by Generation Brands and UK-based Juice Technology Limited. Generation Brands is the parent company of Sea Gull Lighting.


Dimmable LED!

The LED fixtures in this Catalog that are Powered by JuiceWorks offer stylish design as well as smooth dimming from 100% down to minimal levels.

Using advanced physics, JuiceWorks technology features the patented JuiceWorks power supply, which combined with sophisticated optics design, maximizes the amount of light output from the fixture and optimizes usable lumens per watt.

You can expect Sea Gull Lighting LED products, Powered by JuiceWorks,
to perform reliably and efficiently, day in, day out in both residential and commercial applications for many years to come.

Sea Gull Lighting LED products are easy to install, using common installation methods and components.