13.5w 120V A19 Medium Base LED 2700K
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Product #: 97409S
MSRP: $109.20
Dimensions:  L: 4 5/16''
Watts:  13.5
Watts Rated:  13.5
Hours Rated:  50000
Lumens:  800
Efficacy:  59
Temperature:  2700° K
CRI:  85
Listings:  UL Listed for Damp Locations
cUL Listed for Damp Locations
Warranty:  5 Year Limited Warranty
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Designed to work reliably in Sea Gull decorative and functional lighting products including recessed and enclosed lumniaires
13.5W LED A19 Med. base lamp, 2700K
Produces 800 lumens, consumes 13.5 watts - equivalent to 60W Incandescent A19 lamp
Replicates the look, feel and performance of incandenscent, reduces energy and operating cost by 78%
Long 50,000 hour like for maintenance free operation
Visually pleasing color accurate illumination, CRI 85, 2700K
Thermally efficient for cooler operation and extended lamp life
Dimmable down to 5% with a wide range of dimmers
Instant on, no warm up time
Emits No UV or IR, will not heat or fade illuminated objects
Contains no mercury or lead, fully recycleable, RoHS compliant
Energy Star compliant with 5 year warranty
While the LED lamp draws as little as 14W continuously, it could have an-in rush current spike and should therefore be treated as a 80W load when sizing dimmers. The recommended maximum number of lamps per an approved 600W dimmer is 7 units. Please refer to list of compatible dimmers located under Additional Information section.
13.5W A19, Frosted Bulb.
This advanced LED technology is carefully designed and selected to consist of the highest quality LED chipsets for superior performance and reliability.
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Additional Info:
LM79 Photometry (3000K)
LED Lamp and Dimming Guide

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LED Lamp Collection:
Until now, the easiest way to convert lighting fixtures to an energy efficient solution has been to swap out old incandescent lamps for compact fluorescents (CFLs). With the rapid innovation of technology, LED lamps have surpassed CFLs in efficiency and performance features. Unlike most CFLs, LEDs provide light that looks, feels and dims like incandescent while still reducing energy costs by up to 85%. Couple that with a lamp life span of up to 50,000 hours, about 17 years, and it’s easy to see why LEDs are invading homes. Sea Gull Lighting’s line of 18 LED lamps match to 85% of our lighting fixtures, including recessed and enclosed luminaires, giving customers an easy and highly efficient way to “go green” with LED.
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