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96211-15: LED Socket 4500K Color Temperature

LED Socket Assembly - 4500K Color Temperature
Total Lumens: 30; Voltage: 24VDC; Polarity keyed to ensure proper mounting in Lx LED Track
Applications: Linear Accent / Task / Cove Lighting
1.2 watts per socket: At least FOUR times more efficient than conventional sources.
Low voltage: safe installation
Available in 2700°K and 4500°K color temperature: Provides design flexibility to match with color temperature of other light sources in the room, such as 2700°K for incandescent, and 4500°K for "cool white" colors. Excellent for residential AND commercial applications.
50,000 hours life: Very long life for maintenance savings and convenience. Ideal for cove lighting.
Circuit design prevents LED chips from being overdriven: Maintains expected life - less maintenance.
Constant voltage driver: Designed to allow long runs with minimal voltage drop and optimal uniform light distribution. Performance precludes dimming.
Photometrics provide uniform lighting: Appropriate socket spacing provides pleasing, uniform lighting. Suggested spacing to equal cove height with maximum of 8" spacing.
Shock and vibration resistant: Durable for easier installation and long life.
Low temperature operation: Less heat generated in the space - Less heat to cool.
Snap in modules: Fast installation.
No UV radiation: Will not fade fabrics or paintings.
Durable in low temperature: Will maintain its brightness in lower temperatures.
No glass: Durable for performance and safety.
Directional hemispheric light emission: Higher fixture efficacy and reduces wasted light.
Two LED chips per socket: Provides uniform lighting distribution.
Sockets easily snap into track and cable: May be repositioned for design flexibility. Closer spacing increases footcandle levels at workplane.
UPC #:785652962141
Finish:   White (15)
Length: 2"
Width: 13/16''
Height: 7/8''
Mounting Proc.: N/A
  • This advanced LED technology is carefully designed and selected to consist of the highest quality LED chipsets for superior performance and reliability.
Material List:
Safety Listing:
  Safety Listed for Dry Locations  
Safety Listed for Dry Locations  

Shipping Information:
Package Type Product # Quantity UPC Length Width Height Cube Weight Frt. Class UPS Ship
Individual 96211-15 785652962141  2.5 1 0.75 0.001 0.002 85 Yes
Master Pack   10785652962148  6.25 2.75 1.25 0.012 0.2 85 Yes
Shipping Master   500  20785652962145   25 15 7.5 1.628 22.12 85 Yes
NJ Pallet   10000    48 40 70 77.778 442.4 No
NV Pallet   10000    48 40 70 77.778 442.4 No