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96116S-32: 12V Clear T3 Festoon LED 2700K


Collections: Lx LED Festoons (Primary)
Ambiance LED Under Cabinet
Upgrade to our Ambiance Lx LED Festoons from our 5w Xenon Festoons and realize an energy savings of over 80% without compromising light output. Ambiance Lx LED Festoons are dimmable on magnetic and electronic low voltage systems. For magnetic systems, a standard incandescent or magnetic low voltage (MLV) dimmer can be used. For electronic, an electronic low voltage (ELV) dimmer is recommended.
Applications: Task & accent lighting for undercabinet, coves, toe-kick spaces and so much more. Directional nature of LED is ideal for in-cabinet lighting.
Retrofit/Remodel Installations for Magnetic Transformer Systems - JUST REPLACE THE LAMP!
Compatible as a retrofit for existing Lx xenon lamp and compatible xenon lamp systems.
Note: The unique design of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) makes over voltage due to under capacity a non-issue.
Retrofit/Remodel Installations for Electronic Transformer Systems
60w zero-load 12VAC transfomer is available for replacing electronic transformers due to minimum load requirement. Available zero load : 60W 12VAC electronic transfomers 96223S-12 & 96223S-15.
Product Features: Ease of installation. Ease of retrofit/remodel. Bendable/flexibility of the system.
Dimmability: Dimmable with standard incandescent dimming switch.
A "Fit & Forget" Solution: Offering 35,000 hours of useful life (equivalent to 30 years at 20 hours of use per week)
Efficacy Warmer White 2700K: 30 Lumens/Watt
Color Rendering: 2700K - CRI 90+
LED Festoon Product Line Options & Features:
12v and 24v
Warm (2700K), (3000K)
Cool (4000K)
Clear lens for optimal performance
Frosted lens to reduce glare
Color-coded PCB to visually distinguish between warm and cool color temperature LED festoons
Color-coded end-caps to identify 12v (white) and 24v (black)
3 Year Warranty
UPC #:785652198601
Diameter: 15/32''
Length: 1 3/4"
Width: 1/2''
Height: 1/2''
Bulb Appearance: Clear  -  GLass Lens
Bulb Type: T3
Bulb Base: Festoon
Volts: 12
Watts: 0.6556
Watts Consumed: 0.6556
Watts Rated: 0.6556
Hours Rated: 50000
Lumens: 59
Bulb Temp: 2700 °K
CRI: 80
  • This advanced LED technology is carefully designed and selected to consist of the highest quality LED chipsets for superior performance and reliability.
Material List:
Safety Listing:
  Safety Listed for Damp Locations  
Safety Listed for Damp Locations  
Instruction Sheets:
Trilingual (English, Spanish, and French) (HC-1715FS)

Shipping Information:
Package Type Product # Quantity UPC Length Width Height Cube Weight Frt. Class UPS Ship
Individual 96116S-32 785652198601  2 2 0.5 0.001 0.001 85 Yes
Master Pack   500  10785652198608  13.5 11.25 11.75 1.033 12.4 85 Yes
NJ Pallet   25000    48 40 67.5 75 635 No
NV Pallet   25000    48 40 70 77.778 635 No