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93210-12: 360w Multi-Matic Subterr 240v Transformer


Collection:  Multi-Matic Subterranean Series
The MULTI-MATIC SUBTERRANEAN multi-tap transformer utilizes two separate plastic enclosures joined by corrosion resistant connections.
Maximum Wattage: 360w
Primary Output: 240v
Secondary Output Taps: 24v, 25v, 26v
Secondary Fuse
Isolated single core construction.
For direct burial installation.
Fully potted and sealed enclosures prevent moisture ingress.
Primary and secondary fuse protection with oversized color coded aluminum lug terminals ideal for multiple connections at each tap.
Unique multi-output design provides greater voltage drop control and affords up to 800 ft wire runs.
Use of other manufacturers' components and power management system materials will void warranty, listing, and present a possible safety hazard. Please use caution when specifying lamps by selecting the proper voltage, base type, and wattage lamp when designing and installing any lighting system.
UPC #:785652173400
Finish:   Black (12)
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Material List:
1 Construction - ABS Plastic - Black
Safety Listing:
  Safety Listed for Wet Locations  

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Package Type Product # Quantity UPC Length Width Height Cube Weight Frt. Class UPS Ship
Individual 93210-12 785652173400            Yes